The tall Glymphid Aldar Beedo was both a Podracer and an assassian for hire. One of his most known jobs was the assassination of the Fluggrian crime lord Borzu Nale. However, this event triggered a chain of violence and some mass corruption on the podracing track. Borzu's son Kam Nale decided to take action against Beedo. For his own entertainment Aldar entered the Boonta Eve Classic during the time of the blockade of Naboo. However shortly before the race, Aldar was hired by Wan Sandage to take out Sebulba during the race. In lap three, Sebulba crashed thanks to Anakin Skywalker. Aldar then finished in third place. Sandage was angry at Beedo for not just finishing off Sebulba, but also for outflying him (even though Wan Sandage himself crashed into a sandcrawler during the third lap). Aldar assured he would try to get Sebulba in an upcoming race on Malastare. Nale, however, was still now hot on Aldar's tracks. Aldar also later entered a race on Euceron, and also threatened a Jedi (in fact Anakin Skywalker himself) because he thought he heard them talking about sabotaging his craft. Kam Nale, under the guise of Elan Mak, also entered this race. Aldar crashed into Ody Mandrell in the second lap, and Kam crashed into Gasgano in the first. During a later race on Baroonda, Aldar was captured by a unknown Bounty Hunter and disappeared, somewhat temporarily ending Kam Nale's hot pursuit.

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