Ank Allikke was a Aleena Jedi and a friend of podracer pilot Teemto Pagalies. Teemto asked him to stage a crash for [[Ody Mandrell|Ody Mand

Ank Allikke

rell]], and Ank did it in his own way. He took control of one of Mandrell's Pit Droids and it went flying through his engine. When Allikke found out that Tuskan Raiders had destroyed Teemto's pod, he took revenge and slaughtered the Tuskans. He helped his friend through many races. Allikke even crashed Sebulba in one race. Pangalies eventualy retired, and Ank went to the Jedi temple to find all the Jedi being killed by clones. Like so many other jedi, he went into hiding. He stayed alone on Raxus Prime, a planet where all garbage goes. He created an army of droids created out of srap metal he found there. He even took an alias name of Kazdan Paratus. There Were some Rodians and Jawas there with him. Eventually, he was found by Darth Vader's apprentice and killed.