Ark Roose Edit

A purple alien who wears usually nothing, but when races wears a tunic that makes him look like a clown, Ark roose is not what you exactly call intelligent. For example, he once accidently drank cleaner fluid thinking it was his drink he ordered. Also he was asked to sabotoge Anakin Skywalker's pod, but sabotoged Ben Quadinaros pod racer instead. During the Boonta Eve Classic, Dud Bolt, Sebulba's in race body guard, slammed his racer into Ark's, destroying both they're racers. Ark's pod was always considered a "hunk-o-junk", which it was. During races, Ark usually bumped around walls and other racers usually destroying his pod or an opponents pod. Because of this, he was given the nickname, "Bumpy", and even a a Track, known for its "bumpy ride" and high jumps and crash rate, named for him. The track was correctly called Bumpy's Wild Ride.

Ark Roose