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Biff was a hummingbird podracer who lived around 24 BBY. He piloted a large pod and became the track favorite for the planet Nar'ghok.

Behind the scenesEdit

Biff was to be a playable character in the video game Racer Revenge. However, he was eventually deleted due to his small stature and size. References to this character can still found in the game's coding. In the podracer garage, there is a small blue engine next to the player's podracer.This engine, according to the producer in an interview, is actually Biff's engine.

Also, the producer felt that he did not want to introduce "[a] real-life species from earth" into the Star Wars games. Despite this, Biff is still considered canon. There is some artwork in the gallery showing a pilot that looks quite small but was not used in the game (but is the only complete artwork, not used), it is quite possible that this is Biff. Biff was in the game until he was removed very near to release.  



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