The Boonta Eve Classic was a race.The race was won by Anakin Skywalker.


Elimanted RacersEdit

1st lap: Mawhonic (Crashed in 1st Lap) Ratts Tyerell (Crashed in 1st Lap) 2nd: Clegg Holdfast (Crashed in 2nd Lap) Mars Guo (Crashed in 2nd Lap) Ben Quardinos (Engine Mafunctioned at Starting Grid) Possibly Neva Kee Teemto Pagalies (Crashed in Second Lap) 3rd: Ark Roose (Crashed in 3rd Lap) Dud Bolt (Crashed into Ark Roose in The Coil during Lap 3) Wan Sandage (Crashed into a sandcrawler during Lap 3) Habba Kee (Lost control and crashed into Obtoki's crashed podracer during Lap 3) Terter (Crashed in 3rd Lap) Obtoki (Crashed into Terter's crashed Podracer during Lap 3) Xelbree (Crashed in 3rd Lap)  Sebulba (  Crashed by Anakin in 3rd Lap)

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