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At some point prior to the days of the old republic, the First Podracer was invented by Phoebos, a mechanic brazen enough to attach two jet engines to a repulsorlift cockpit. Following the invention of the Podracer, Phoebos started up the sport and created a legacy that would last thousands of years.

The Old Republic (3653-3636 BBY) Edit

At some time around during the Cold Wars and Galactic War, several companies started mass producing some of the earliest podracer models, although these were not as fast as the later models.

Cold War Edit

Czerka Corporation produced the CR-17 Incendia, a podracer that could be purchased on the Cartel Market. during the Cold War (3653-3642 BBY). Republic Sienar Systems produced the PR-3 during this time as well. Another pod produced was the BL-37 Zephyr.

Galactic War Edit

during the Galactic War between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, three more podracer models were produced, these being the Sky Cruiser, The Company Vectron's LW-1S and the Company Minas podracer model called Iris. Iris was very similar in design to Sebulba's custom Plug-F Mammoth engine- Split X Vent. It is quite possible that Sebulba was inspired by this earlier model, and then adapted it into the Plug-F Mammoth.

Season of 33 BBY Edit

By this time, Podracing had become one of the fastest most dangerous sports in the galaxy, illegal in some systems, with famous Pilots and various racing circuits all across the galaxy. The Troig Fodesinbeed Annodue, better known as Fode and Beed were doing commentary for all of the races in that season, both speaking in Basic. During this season of racing, there was at least 4 tournaments held across 8 planets.

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During the early months of the clone wars, an invitational race on Mon Gazza was held, with at least two qualifiers before the main race.

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