A small greenish Bluish Phuii alien from the planet of Phu, Mars Guo was famous in the Minor Leagues. This Loud Mouthed Heavy Drinker also several times tried to hit on Sebulbas masseuses, Ann Gella, an obvious mistake. Teemto Pagalies, who apparently had a crush on Ann, overheard Mars on how he was planning to abduct her after the next days Boonta Race. Teemto, apparently angered at this, quickly reported the plot to Sebulba, who then tried to Sabatoge Mars pod racer. In the second lap of the Boonta Race the Next Day, Sebulba discovered his Sabotaging Job appaerntly failed. He then took a small part from his racer, and threw it behind him into Mars engine. It then sputtered, stopped, and burst. Sebulba after the race, thinking mars was dead, Decided to try and Auction off Mars belongings, and his Mechanics, even though one of his mechanices, Pax Bonkik, was already hired before the Boonta, and couldn't be auctioned off. Mars Guo did survive the crash however, and put a stop to Sebulbas Plans. About 8 years later, Mars Guo returned to Podracing. He rebuilt his podracer, entered the next circuit of pod- racing, and won a amazing 59 races all staright ina row. In some of these races, he piloted and raced against Sebulba again, and most surprisenly, Anakin Skywalker Again. And with most of the other Boonta Racers, they were all sur- prised to see Anakin again as well, especially being a Jedi and all. It is also most likely that Mars Guo won That Podracing circuit. During his Podracing Career, Mars Guo became a Track favorite on a Race Track on the planet of Mon Gazza and Gamorr.


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Mars Guo