A Gran from Hok, like most Grans, he has three eyes. Unlike many Grans, he had long slender fingers, unlike many Grans who have Club like hands. During Anakin Skywalkers race for Freedom, The Gran had a Front Starting position, and quickly came to second place. However, Sebulba reapedtly smashed into the Grans Racer in the Mushroom Mesa part of the course. Eventually Sebulba Smahed him into a rock. The vehicle quickly exploded.Mawhonic After that, as revenge to the Dug, Mawhonic posted several bounties on some of the Dugs reletives. Dead or alive is unknown. What is known is that Jango Fett eventually captured both Bounties. In the Nightlands Race on Ryloth, Sebulba saw for the First time Mawhonic after the Boonta. He made an Annoucment on the Fode and Beed Show that this Gran was a Imposter. Several other racers including Tzidik Wrantojo and Clegg Holdfast. It also though is rumored that Mawhonic never did enter the Boonta, but a bodyguard or imposter instead, or also that there never was a Mawhonic, or the Crash, never was as deadly as once thought.

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Mawhonic shortly before his wreck in the Boonta Eve Classic