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Neva Kee in the Boonta Eve Classic

A small purple Xamster from the planet of Xagobah, Neva Kee was considered a real podracing daredevil. Racing in a oddly shaped racer that was freshly spewed from Farwan & Glott Industries, the cockpit was built directly in between the two medium sized engines. There were no energy binders, no cables; the entire vehicle was built as one whole piece. Neva Kee, in other words, sat at the far front of the vehicle. Neva knew the danger of the pod--some of the very few other racers that bought one ended up in fatal crashes. This is because if the pod did crash in a head on collision, the racer most likely actually died before the vehicle blew up. Neva, however, was apparently ready for the danger. He was one of the fastest racers in the entire season, not to mention his success. In his career he eventually became a track favorite on a podrace course located on the jungle planet of Baroonda. He also entered the Boonta Eve Classic race during the time of the blockade of Naboo. However, during lap two, he mysteriously vanished in the Hutt Flats. No one knows if he crashed, got lost, or died. If he did crash, there was no wreckage to be found. While his friends and family believe he may still be alive, he was counted as a casualty for the race.

Neva Kee Concept Art

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