A small, stout, blue, and aggresive Aleena from the planet of Aleen, Rats Tyerell seemed to think that size mattered most. Like most Aleena, Ratts had quick Reflexes due to the harsh habitat of their homeworld.

Ratts was only about 80 centimeters tall,
180px-Ratts tyerell

making almost evryone consider him as a small sized alien, even tho however he was considered tall for his species. He started his podracing season by Buying a large Podracer which he named after a viceous monster from his homeworld. After that, one of the most succesful podracing careers began. During his career, he took a wife and had three children, including one who would eventually set up an organization against podracing. He also made a name for himself on the Track known as Howlers Gorge on Ando Prime and on the Aleen Classic on his homeworld. Even though he was sometimes a "bully" off the track, and a "gentleman" on the track, some podracers either looked up to him as a idol, or plainly considered him one of the fastest known racers. He did however despise that some podracers cheated to win races, especially Sebulba, who reguraly used a flame jet to take out other races. Ratts decided that he would try to bring justice to the cheating Dug by installing his own Flame Jet to take out Sebulba in the next upcoming Boonta Race. Very soon before it started, his wife gave birth to a new baby son, named Doby Tyerell. When she was allowed to leave the hospital, she took the whole family to, unknowest to them, their fathers last race. Ratts Tyerell had a good starting position at the race, but got a little behind when trying to dodge some wreckage, which belonged to Mawhonics crashed Pod. Later, while still in Lap one, the racers flew into the Laguna Caves. Inside, Ratts Tyerell, who wasn't paying much attention to where he was going at the moment, took a quick look back at Anakin Skywalkers podracer, but accidently pushed to hard on his thruster button while trying to look back. Because he pushed it a little to hard, the button jammed, Ratts lost control, and crashed into a incoming Stalactite. He died in the crash.

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