Sebulba in his Podracer during the Boonta Eve Classic

Sebulba was a Dug from Malastare who first purchased an orange X-Mammoth podracer for 8,000 Troguts. He became a racing champion quickly. Sebulba was a nasty, and dirty cheater. To keep up as a champion, he installed an illegal Nail Gun to fire at his opponents. It is rumored that he designed the Track Sebulba's Legacy. He also become a famed Pod Racer on Tattooine's Mos Espa Arena, which held the Annual Boonta Eve Classic race. During one Boonta, he used a Nail Gun to destroy Fud Sang's podracer.

During the Dug Derby race, he threw a empty bottle of rum at a opponent who then crashed and died.

The Phantom Menace: Boonta Eve ClassicEdit

In the next Boonta Race, Sebulba raced his Arch Nemisis, Anakin Skywalker. Sebulba destroyed several craft in this race. He used his new Flamethrower twice. During the Race his first victim was Mawhonic, the Gran from Hok. Mawhonic was reapeatedly smashed into a wall until he blew up. Next was Clegg Holdfast, the Nosaurian, whom Sebulba destroyed with his Flamethrower.

In the End of Lap 2 he threw a peice of iron into Mars Guo's engine. It instantly exploded. But when Anakin's craft became stuck to Sebulba's, Anakin boosted forward taking Sebulba's engine with him. Because of a loss of his engine, Sebulba flew into the dirt and Anakin won the race.

He later bought Anakin's Podracer from Jedi Knight, Qui-Gon Jinn. His son, Hekula, raced in this vehicle, but quickly crashed. Sebulba then bought the latest version of the X-Mammoth series. He then painted it black and grayish blue. Sebulba was not seen after that race but his grandson, Pugwis, continued his grandfathers famed legacy of Podracing skills.

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