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Tracks in GamesEdit

Star Wars Episode 1: Racer (1999)Edit


Star Wars Episode 1 Racer Screen

Amateur Podracing Circuit[7]

  • Boonta Training Course | Tatooine[7]
  • Mon Gazza Speedway | Mon Gazza[7]
  • Beedo's Wild Ride | Ando Prime[7]
  • Aquilaris Classic | Aquilaris
  • Malastare 100 | Malastare[7]

Vengeance | Oovo IV[7]

Spice Mine Run | Mon Gazza[7]

Semipro Podracing Circuit[7]Edit

Galactic Podracing Circuit[7]Edit

Invitational Podracing Circuit[7]Edit

​Star Wars Racer Arcade (2000)Edit

  • Bantha Tracks | Tatooine
  • Smugglers Cove | Etti IV
  • Pixelito Challenge | Malastare
  • Boonta Classic | Tatooine

​Star Wars Racer: Revenge (2002)Edit

SWRacerRevenge HUD

Racer Revenge

Star Wars Racer RushEdit

  • Ceyan Range Raceway | Hoth
  • Lianorm Raceway | Naboo
  • Mos Espa Raceway | Tatooine

Kinect Star WarsEdit


Star Wars Kinect

  • Outer Rim Regionals (Kinect Star Wars Podracing)
    • | Tatooine
    • | Felucia
    • | Utapau
  • Galactic Podracing Circuit
    • | Bespin
    • | Coruscant
    • Boonta Eve Classic | Tatooine

Tracks in TV, Books ect.Edit

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